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Celebrities speak out against Israel’s terrorist attacks on Gaza

(via Jewish Voice for Peace)



Listen to the response of Palestinian youth in Gaza when a reporter for Vice News says he’s scared after hearing an Israeli airstrike

The death toll in the besieged coastal enclave surpassed 200 last night as Israel continues targeting civilians.

I think it truly says something when this reporter is absolutely scared shitless, and these teenagers, young men, are reassuring him that this is normal and that he will be fine. There is another VICE News episode showing “life under the Iron Dome” in southern Israel, and if you just compare the two it is blatantly clear whose lives are truly being endangered.

Gaza doesn’t have a billion dollar rocket interception system funded by their BFF the U.S. We don’t have warning sirens or bomb shelters in our homes. Gazans have no where to hide because they live under and illegal siege (land, air, and sea). They can’t run and they can’t hide. all they can do is wait for the next Israeli “knock on the roof” and anticipate what part of gaza will be hit next. This is not a war, this is disproportionate collective punishment. This is the face of Israel’s self defense.

For anyone interested in watching the VICE News episode about the Iron Dome here it is:


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